UFFC Special-Topic School

  • Ultrasound motion imaging,
    Simulations & Phantom experimentations
  • Live clinical demonstrations
  • April 22-26, 2019
  • Campus de LyonTech-la Doua, LYON, France

(Registration is closed)

Topics - theory & practice

  • From raw experimental I/Q data to B-mode and Doppler images
  • Dynamic phantom experimentations with Verasonics scanners
  • Realistic simulations & signal post-processing using Matlab
  • Clutter filtering & speckle tracking
  • Color Doppler & vector Doppler
  • Motion tracking in cardiology

  • Basic knowledge of MATLAB is required during the hands-on sessions

UFFC Topic School

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Learning objectives

  • Expose participants to the fundamentals of motion estimation by ultrasound imaging
  • Get participants involved in the design of experimentations with a research scanner
  • Deepen know-how in ultrasound signal analysis through Matlab programming
  • Make participants familiar with motion estimation: theory, experimentation and analysis
  • Learn from clinicians the potentials and limitations of ultrasound-derived motion
  • Assist a clinician for the duration of a UNIQUE GE Healthcare-sponsored course!