Courses & Lectures

  • Note: the program may be subject to (minor) changes

  • 1st Day - Basics

    2nd Day - Benchmarking

    3rd Day - Doppler

    4th Day - Speckles

    5th Day - Advanced techniques

    • Speed-of-sound mapping, Image registration, Misc

    Hands-on sessions

    2nd Day - Acquire & Simulate

    • Acquisitions with a Verasonics scanner in a rotating disk
    • Ultrasound simulations with Matlab (download)

    3rd Day - Analyze

    • Beamforming
    • Color Doppler
    • Vector Doppler (download)

    4th Day - Keep analyzing

    • Speckle tracking in a rotating phantom
    • Speckle tracking in a simulated carotid bifurcation
    • Pre-processing and post-processing (download)

    5th Day - Meet clinicians

    • Vascular ultrasonography
    • Echocardiography

                 • Simulate & Understand

     - Simulate realistic ultrasound data using open-source Matlab codes
     - Generate B-mode and color Doppler images & understand the underlying physics


                 • Acquire & Analyze

     - Acquire raw ultrasound data in a dynamic phantom with a Verasonics scanner
     - Reconstruct the motion fields using open-source Matlab codes

          4Vc      Matlab      disc

                 • GE Healthcare-sponsored clinical demo

     - Participate in a live 4-D echocardiography projected on a large screen
     - Use one of the 8 EchoPAC clinical software to measure cardiac volumes and strains

          4Vc      4Vc